Tarmac Aerosave offers all aircraft owners and operators the biggest Aircraft Storage capacity in Europe with space for 250 aircraft in our 2 fair-weather locations: Tarbes in France and Teruel in Spain.

Our Aircraft Storage service is always offered on a tarmac surface and not on sand, thus complying with European environmental legislation and avoiding its customers having any potential liabilities as a result of ground pollution.

Due to its Part 145 capacity, throughout the storage period TARMAC AEROSAVE can also offer a wide range of Maintenance Services such as: Bridging Checks up to C Checks included, Component Repair Management, Aircraft Registration, Rectification of Discrepancies, Landing Gear removal, Engine removal and Cabin Modification Services as per approved EO/SB.

Tarmac Aerosave is indeed providing a global solution for all their customers offering a reliable, reactive and flexible service for all aircraft needs while these are in storage.

Main features of Tarmac Aerosave Aircraft Storage Service:

  • Locations: Tarbes, France, and Teruel, Spain
  • Dry and sunny weather conditions: Teruel, 242 days of sun per year
  • Connections: Easy access by plane, road or train.
  • Sites: Dedicated area in Lourdes Pyrenees International Airport and Teruel International Airport.
  • Operations: 24/7/365. Night operations possible in Tarbes. Daylight operations in Teruel.
  • Can accommodate any type of aircraft.
  • Hangar available at both sites: Tarbes: A-380 capacity / Teruel B-747 capacity.
  • Services: Aircraft Storage, Line Maintenance, Base Maintenance, CAMO support.
  • Aircraft Storage capacity: 250 aircraft, 25 in Tarbes and 225 in Teruel.
  • All operations are conducted in compliance with PART 145 regulation EASA PART 145-627 Approval Certificate.
  • One-Stop-Shop: Aircraft Storage + Aircraft Maintenance.
  • All operations are conducted according to aeronautical and environmental legislation and are the responsibility of TARMAC AEROSAVE.

TARMAC AEROSAVE is an approved EASA and FAA Part 145 Base maintenance organization (EASA FR.145.627 and FAA 3TRY410C Approval Certificates) able to perform Line and Base maintenance on all AIRBUS families A300, A300-600, A310, A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340 all series, all engines, fully capabilities including Line and Base Maintenance limited for A380 GE & RR engines powered limited to cabin modifications, Line and Base Maintenance on BOEING B717, B737 all series, B757 200/300, B767 200/300, Line Maintenance on BOEING MD80 series, B747 200/300/400, B777 200/300, ATR 42 & 72 and BOMBARDIER CRJ 100/200.