Abandoning aircraft alongside airport zones in deserts and unsustainable dismantling causing environment destruction and potential legal liability are no longer acceptable.

Tarmac Aerosave provides a profitable and environmentally sustainable Aircraft Recycling service in compliance with the most professional component management service and the strict European environmental legislation for airframe recycling.

Our Aircraft Recycling process recovers 90% of the total weight of the aircraft and avoids the payment of any VAT or customs fees for Tarmac customers.

As well as Aircraft Recycling, Tarmac Aerosave is also able to perform CFM56 Series Engine Recycling.

Main features of Tarmac Aerosave Aircraft Recycling service:

    Component Removal:

  • Component removal as per AMM performed by qualified personnel
  • Component repair / recertification management
  • Complete inventory with photographs
  • EASA Form 1 capability (A/Cs IPC)
  • Component Packaging:

  • Customized packaging for each component with bubble wrap and visible identification tags
  • Customized in-house treated wooden crates with ISPM norm treatment manufacturing for customized packaging for all small and large components (control surfaces, landing gear, Radome) avoiding extra handling of the components and ensuring maximum safety
  • Component Storage and Shipment:

  • 9,000 sq. m. (96,875 sq. ft.) component storage capacity
  • Component storage management service
  • Customs and shipment management
  • No VAT or customs fees due
  • Airframe Recycling:

  • Process fully compliant with strict European legislation
  • Dedicated area for recycling
  • Wire cutting process, (not scissors) avoiding hot points and mixing of materials
  • Optimized sorting out
  • Traceability of removed parts
  • ISO 14001 certified. EN 9110 in progress
  • 90% of the total weight of the aircraft is recovered