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TERUEL, Spain:

Tarmac Aragón is located at Teruel International Airport (Plata), a brand new exclusive MRO airport with the biggest aircraft storage capacity in Europe: 225 aircraft.

Teruel is located in the northeast of Spain, lying between Madrid and Barcelona, 75 minutes from Valencia and only 5 hours by road from Tarbes.

Teruel Airport is an exclusive MRO airport - dedicated to the Aircraft Storage, Aircraft Maintenance and Aircraft Recycling - so it is free of passengers and cargo traffic. Teruel Airport enjoys free airspace and very dry and sunny weather conditions, with 242 days of sun per year.

Teruel International Airport LETL

Teruel Site access

  • TARBES by road: 5 hours
  • ZARAGOZA by road: 90 minutes
  • VALENCIA by road: 75 minutes
  • MADRID by road: 180 minutes
  • Flights connections to VALENCIA: LONDON - 3 flights/day
  • Flights connections to VALENCIA: PARIS - 4 flights/day
  • Flights connections to VALENCIA: AMSTERDAM - 2 flights/day
  • Flights connections to VALENCIA: DUSSELDORF - 1 flights/day

Main features

  • Aircraft Storage capacity: 225 aircraft
  • Runway: 2,825 m.
  • Open: 24 / 7 / 365
  • Longitude: 40º 24´ 43” Latitude: 01º 13´ 3” W
  • Can accommodate any type of aircraft
  • Total Area: 340 ha.
  • Hangar capacity for B747: 6,500 sq. m.
  • Fully equipped for maintenance activities and components storage
  • Hangar for components storage: 1,000 sq. m.
  • ICPE labelled (Environmental Protection Facilities Classified)
  • EASA PART 145 Regulations
  • Transport Connections: Easy access by plane, road or train
  • Dry, sunny weather
  • Services: Storage, Maintenance and Recycling

Site outdoor areas

  • Leakproof storage areas
  • 12,000 sq. m. leakproof dismantling and sorting area with material cells
  • Liquid flow process for the storage, dismantling and sorting areas, with visual and audio alarm for sewage
  • Water and fluid flow processes for the defueling and storage area towards a hydrocarbon separator or a containment tank in case of a toxic leak
  • Taxiways and runway access able to accommodate up to an Airbus A380-900
  • Weight scales equipped with radiation portal monitor, to manage truck entry / exit