Tarmac Aerosave annouces recycling of its 100th aircraft

posted the : 19.08.2017

TARMAC AEROSAVE, Europe's leading aircraft storage and recycling company, based in Tarbes (France) and Teruel (Spain), has recycled 100 narrow and wide-bodied aircraft since its creation in 2007. At the end of 2016, this Airbus Group, Safran Aircraft Engines and Suez subsidiary announced the receipt of the 400th aircraft for its storage business. At the Paris Air Show, from 19 to 25 June 2017, Tarmac Aerosave presents major projects to extend parking slots and hangars.

100 aircraft recycled and 400 aircraft stored in ten years

TARMAC AEROSAVE offers the biggest aircraft storage capacity in Europe backed up by its strong MRO and dismantling capabilities. Both sites can accommodate up to 250 aircraft and the maintenance activity covers the main commercial platforms (Airbus, Boeing, ATR, Bombardier, Embraer). A dedicated engine workshop also covers the CFM56 family for both dismantling and repair workshops. With its environmentally friendly approach TARMAC AEROSAVE develops the most advanced dismantling and recycling techniques under its ISO 14001 certification and achieves over 90% valorization of the remaining airframes.

A one-stop shop range of services and new maintenance approvals

TARMAC AEROSAVE is positioning itself as a transit centre by providing a comprehensive service and ensuring maintenance in operational conditions: storage, maintenance and dismantling. EASA Part 147 approved training and logistics complete the range of services.
In addition to EASA and FAA Part-145 approvals for the maintenance of Airbus, Boeing, ATR and Bombardier aircraft, Tarmac Aerosave announces that it has received Part-145 approval for the maintenance and storage of Embraer 170 and 190 aircraft.

Extension of French and Spanish facilities

TARMAC AEROSAVE is continuing to expand its infrastructure to meet growing demand for storage and dismantling from its customers around the world.
In Tarbes (France), a new logistics hangar of 8500 m² is operational, bringing the storage capacity to 15000m2 (150000 sqft).
Extensions for storing A380 type aircraft, storage and a second hangar for extra wide bodied jets will be completed at the end of 2017, and a new hangar to accommodate extra wide bodied jets in 2018.
In Teruel (Spain), a new mid-haul hangar is now available. Construction work on a 5,000 m² logistics hangar and customer offices will be launched before the end of 2017.
Eventually, TARMAC AEROSAVE will have four hangars on these two sites for extra wide-bodied jets, a hangar for medium aircraft, and 15,000 m2 of logistics hangars and aircraft storage for more than 250 wide-bodied jets.

About Tarmac Aerosave

Founded in 2007 under the auspices of AIRBUS, SUEZ and SAFRAN AIRCRAFT ENGINES, TARMAC AEROSAVE has been based in Tarbes-Lourdes in France since early 2009 and in Teruel, Spain, since 2013. It is Europe’s leading company for aircraft storage, aircraft maintenance, aircraft recycling and CFM56 engines recycling, and the processes developed and designed by the company are new and fully environmentally friendly, implementing a unique diamond wire cutting gantry. TARMAC AEROSAVE holds EASA and FAA Part 145 maintenance approvals for Airbus, Boeing, ATR, Bombardier and Embraer 170/190 aircraft ; EASA Part-147 for its training centre. TARMAC AEROSAVE also holds ISO 9001, ISO 14 001, EN 9110, and EN 9120 certifications.
TARMAC AEROSAVE in numbers: 430 aircraft accommodated on its sites since 2009, 100 aircraft currently stored, 100 aircraft and 85 CFM56 engines recycled to date, storage capacity for 250 aircraft in Europe.


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